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This is my life and passion. I got involved with rescue several years ago. After visiting Spain, and working at shelters several times, it has driven me to do even more. I was a board member with another non profit in the USA, and have since started Royal Sighthound Connection. I’m owned by 6 Galgos, 1 Podenco and greyhounds as well. Some may say my life has gone to the dogs, but I want to be a voice for these dogs that have no voice. To stand at a shelter, and see the despair in their eyes is heartbreaking. I have seen fear in their thin little bodies, and I know they have so much love in their heart. I want them to know a love  they have never known before. I don't want them to feel forgotten, because their lives matters to us. I want to help these dogs feel only love, no more pain or hurt. Outside scars will heal, but the ones inside may never go away because they have lived a life of hell. I want to help make a difference.

Elizabeth Hiestand  

Board of Directors

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Royal Sighthound Connection. I have been a longtime owner of sighthounds and cannot think of a more loyal and loving breed.

    I began my journey in 1999 when I adopted my first retired racing greyhound. It was my first dog and became the love of my life at the time.

     Through greyhound sites on Facebook I came across an article on Galgos and their plight in Spain. The lack of laws to protect these animals, and the treatment of them truly appalled me. I was horrified and dismayed to read about their story. I knew then that I had to do something.

   I adopted my first Galgo in April of 2015. From there I was hooked, and smitten, by the gentle manner of these dogs. I wanted to continue my journey and began to help with dog transports, fostering, and bringing more dogs into my pack. Currently, I am owned by an Italian Greyhound, a retired racing Greyhound, 4 Galgos, and a Podenco.

   I have worked with multiple behavioral issues; and have had success watching a feral and fearful dog blossom into a well socialized and happy companion.

   I want nothing more than to continue my passion by educating others about the current and continuing plight of these Spanish Hounds. My ultimate goal is to continue working with Royal Sighthound Connection to educate, promote, and advance the welfare of these amazing animals. 



Jon takes care of our accounting and our application processing.  Jon also is very involved in helping spread the word about these dogs. 

Fundraising Team

Our fundraising team now consist of a devoted group of individuals that want to help make a difference in the lives

 of the spanish hounds. 

If you have items you would like to donate to our future  auctions please contact us.


RSC  Podenco mascot,


Oversees operations on a day to day basis. Checks on fosters as they come in and makes sure everyone gets a good meal on time. 

Hunter is happy to help with any day to day work. He hopes to be a great voice for all his pod and galgo friends in Spain. 


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